Seebrücke Sellin, Rügen
Scheveningen, Niederlande
Scheveningen, Niederlande
Kinderdijk, Niederlande
Cologne Eye, Cologne, Germany
Zell (Mosel), Germany
colourful houses, Innsbruck, Austria
Santa Maria del Fiore, Firenze, Italy
LWL-Museum, Münster, Germany
Wolfgang-Borchart-Theater, Hafen, Münster
Dom, Münster
Bastei, Lohmen, Germany
Lights of "MS Günther", Hafen Münster (captured with clear-night-filter)
Kranhäuser, Cologne
Cologne, Germany
Colosseo, Rome, Italy
Basilica di San Pietro, Roma, Italy
Ponte Vecchio, Firenze, Italy
Chapel "5 Wounds", Laer, Germany
Lighthouse Warnemünde, Germany
Eine Timelapse des Monumento Emanuele Vittorio in Rom.

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